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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Spirit Art

Understanding the Distinct Types of Spirit Art Guided by Spirit Control

It is certainly the Age of Aquarius! Everyone is interested in the psychic, aren’t they? Nowadays, we find everyone is “a weekend medium/psychic/healer” after completing...
rochester square spiritualist temple

Sir Arthur Conan Doyles’ Church Facing Destruction

The foundation of Spiritualism is to provide evidence of life after death, and the belief in the continuation of life after the shedding of...
rita goold

The First Modern Pioneer of Energy-Based Physical Mediumship – Rita Goold

The First Modern Pioneer of Energy-Based Physical Mediumship - Rita Goold' Part 1   Back in the 1980's, some very unusual Physical Phenomena was being reported by those...
helen duncan

The Helen Duncan Pardon Tour 2017

Our own Maggie Hahn is currently traveling the UK in support of the Campaign to gain a pardon for her Grandmother "Helen Duncan," who was...
helen duncan

Happy Birthday Helen Duncan

In Light Of The Recent Articles In The Media, we - the ASSMPI and The Helen Duncan Foundation hope for a proper acquittal and...
the last witch trial

The Last Witch Trial Under The Witchcraft Act Of 1735

Carrying on from our rebutting of the claim that Helen Duncan was the last person to be tried as a witch under the Witchcraft...
helen duncan

She’s Not A Witch – Let’s Set The Record Straight

Recent news published by the Sunday Post in Scotland has brought further light to the case of Helen Duncan, and as usual, she is...
leslie flint direct voice medium

Leslie Flint – Direct Voice Medium

Leslie Flint a Mini biography Part 1. A long time ago I was taken by friends to meet Mr Leslie Flint a direct voice medium. Leslie...
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