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deadly departed review

Deadly Departed Review By Roy Stemman

Jock Brocas, author of the newly-published Deadly Departed – great title! – is one of the founders of the American Society for Standards in...
the afterlife

I Don’t Believe In Life After Death

 Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason...
John King Materialization

Full Materialization Breakthrough As John King Materializes In Seance 2017

A worldwide exclusive on the full materialization phenomena, first on "The Otherside Press Afterlife Magazine" What you are about to read is the incredible development...
energy based physical mediumship

Physical Mediumship – Rita Goold Part 2

'The First Really Modern Pioneer of Energy-Based Physical Mediumship - Rita GooldThere is much more to Rita Goold than just her unique and - to many...
Spirit Art

Understanding the Distinct Types of Spirit Art Guided by Spirit Control

It is certainly the Age of Aquarius! Everyone is interested in the psychic, aren’t they? Nowadays, we find everyone is “a weekend medium/psychic/healer” after completing...
rochester square spiritualist temple

Sir Arthur Conan Doyles’ Church Facing Destruction

The foundation of Spiritualism is to provide evidence of life after death, and the belief in the continuation of life after the shedding of...
mediumship karma

Mediumship Karma

Instant Mediums Karma Have you ever considered the importance of the Job you do as a medium and how much responsibility that carries? I...

Eleven Years of Wisdom

I have an 11-year-old son with special needs, my post will be very long because he has told me much lately, and I wanted...
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