A reason for Illness and Healing.

Healing can be a very emotional subject — the need for it or indeed the desperation for it can rule our very lives.

Healing or illness arises out of various needs and while that may sound strange, it is a fact that we create our surroundings more specifically in spirit where we organise what difficulties we must incur for the benefit of our spiritual progression, but we also shape, here by means of our freewill and we may say that why would someone want to be ill but that in itself is a condition, isn’t it?

Illness manifests for various reasons our inability to cope for example with any given situation and the resultant stress. The fact that we have chosen a life “marred” by illness is a brave choice and so of the most advanced and beautiful souls have chosen lives of complete dependence on others and therefore at the complete mercy of others.

As well as a direct wish to live this live there are often Karmic considerations for this. For example in choosing to place ourselves such, it gives the other person freewill to help us or to hinder… The very sad cases recently of that care home come to mind where those of limited abilities where preyed upon by others who should have exercised compassion and understanding but chose deliberately not too.

In a Karmic sense it shows that they have had the chance to do right and had chosen not to. Those who so placed themselves at their mercy gave of love so that a Karmic compensation could be made.

Whilst you may draw the obvious conclusion from this you may wish to understand that in placing themselves at their mercy it could well be that they had played the exact same role of abuser in former lives and were there (in this life) to be “used” perhaps as a punch bag, to completely understand what they had inflicted upon others in that former life.

This is a complication isn’t it? So many see and feel that karma is “simple” in some ways it can appear to be but the role of “rich in one life poor in the next” is certainly possible but actually rare in the sense that while it is good to understand this, it may in fact be hundreds of lives apart…

In wanting to give healing, to ask for it to be sent – for none of us truly heal in ourselves of course, we are simply a reflector, a conduit or channel, we show a fraction of what we are, or can be in a truer spiritual sense and show even though it may be limited at times, a glimpse of our spiritual level.

Some are not meant to be healed and so it will test their faith, others will be healed sometimes miraculously, to uphold or begin their faith and at times to go on and inspire others.

It shows the compassion that is evident, it shows that the Spirit is real and tangible and it also shows sometimes (when healing does not work) that we need patience, both the healer and the recipient.

We need healing for different reasons. Sometimes it is Karmic and a reward (Yes I know that sounds strange) or a repayment, notice I do not say punishment! As some will no doubt ask “Why” we do we often say of our children “If I could take it away” well in other incarnations a great friend or child may have had great suffering and we ask so we may also experience, for such a condition. In any event we cannot live others lives for them.

The fortitude with which we face, accept and deal with the condition show again our spiritual level and willingness to understand that whatever we need to deal with it is above all a learning experience. I have known some wonderful souls who have suffered so greatly but never mention it, they want no help preferring to deal with it themselves and this is for a reason.

So little of what we go through is wasted in this life. No matter how much time, or effort you may feel has been wasted in your life it has not, not at all. Even the patience to deal with it is a lesson.

A guide once said to me that “We often target a destination and are so keen to reach it that we miss the most vital part of the scenery along the way, in appreciating the scenery we can learn so much more that at “suddenly” arriving at that destination. The point between leaving and arriving is simply two points, a vast distance that may have been covered with the most beautiful scenery and experience along the way has been missed, there is no point in leaving a place to arrive somewhere else when a huge distance has been covered and not seen or ignored, our focus should be the journey we take not simple a goal to achieve”

This is the same with an illness and healing, they are merely routes and the target should be the experience and learning – the purification of the soul, not the concentration of how ill we are and the negative side of it. If positivity rules then we can change it all and if we have chosen a life of constant illness then that is our particular lesson.

There are those children who have serious and fatal conditions and they are some of the loveliest souls you could wish to meet, they accept and know that in living each day as it comes they can get a great deal from it, some appear to not have a care in the world, they are truly blessed.

In facing our illness’s and showing others how we deal with it we can be such an inspiration to others, perhaps that is what we have come to show?

Those who are blessed have so often chosen the hardest existences because they understand. So many healers refuse to accept healing for themselves and I used to too. We thought in a compassionate way that the energy is there to heal and by that we ourselves mean others.

Healer heal thyself… We need to be in a position to heal others — it is not merely a position of channelling healing. Whether you are a medium or healer,  if you work correctly there should be a residue left with you of the divine pure light and energy. If you feel tired or exhausted after working you are not working correctly.

As you channel healing understand that you are a valuable instrument and as such you need in modern parlance “to be fit for purpose” (this applies to mediums,  too) and as such you need to be as clear as you can be.

“Light to all, bless you as you bless others, understand them as you wish to be understood, praise them for they have chosen a path you have not, we have asked for this life, this path and the reason now may have escaped you, but be thankful for it because it is for your good alone. Petre.” (A guide).

Sometimes (Mostly) we create our own illness by our thoughts and actions. Some illness like alcoholism, is a trial in itself and a battle of our will – this can be a reason for not being cured too.

Also as we create hate and withhold what we need to say it creates a “bottle neck” which will manifest in illness.

To summarise there are many reasons for illness, not least to appreciate what it is and means, and part of it is the reason for it being healed or not.

Light and bless you all.


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