A Bold Physical Move

There is no doubt that physical mediumship has suffered over the last few months due to the events that caused doubt and discredit within an already questionable movement. ThIs affected not only to those involved but also the physical mediumship movement as a whole.

It has come as no surprise that organizations and Individuals have been concerned for physical mediumship on both camps, the general public, and of course those mediums in the public eye. In a bold, unprecedented move towards transparency, the Psychic News has launched the Truth Campaign and approached various organizations for support in setting a new standard for physical mediumship. Whilst this seems like an insurmountable task, given the fact there has been so much infighting and untrustworthiness, the premise behind the move is a sound one. If you consider what transparency would mean, it would have protection for the mediums and the public, whilst researching new ground in afterlife science, which is surely the commonality we all share.

truth campaign

Questionable Physical Mediumship

There will always be naysayers regarding the need to look at these protocols, but the truth is that if we really want to break the boundaries of scientific study into the afterlife and the reality of the existence of life after the death of the physical body, then we have to tread upon that unknown ground. The suggested new protocols of the usage of thermal imaging amongst other protocols being researched should be welcomed rather than scoffed at, and give the developing mediums and public the chance to walk upon this unknown ground in the name of research. No doubt there is a long way to go, and at first, this may seem like an unprecedented attack on our physical mediums, moreover, to further compound matters, arguments that have existed in the past may have broken bridges which are hard to rebuild. Nevertheless, if this is seen as a new and exciting opportunity for the advancement of the reality of physical mediumship, then should we not welcome this with open arms rather than suspicion? Perhaps if we make that concerted effort to rebuild those broken bridges, then we might break through the boundaries of a regurgitated science of the afterlife, and finally, tread upon new and exciting ground with which we can strengthen our resolve and message of life hereafter.

The ASSMPI considered it’s position for a long time and deliberated long and hard of what this would mean in direction and focus into research, standards and moving forward. We feel this is an opportunity that organizations can work in harmony for a greater goal and therefore support the premise of the campaign with a view to finding common ground with which to build upon new research into the afterlife.

Physical Mediumship Truth Campaign

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