A barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races

races have made their presence known to many people over the years.  They show their craft in the sky, they allow people to experience their presence occasionally nearer to earth, and they have communicated with us via the consciousness of a properly prepared . In particular, beings from the Zeta race speak through the medium, Paul Hamden, and have told us what we need to know in order to understand why they are here.

We learned through the Zetas that extraterrestrial races exist in physical form like us, but often having a different vibrational state. There are also so-called interdimensional races that do not take physical form but “are out of ‘frequency’ with your current processes. They live their own lives around you, there are many beings doing this, you only believe what you see.” We also learned of the existence of a cooperative organization consisting of both interdimensional and matter races. A Zeta said, “All races have a common goal, to be one with each other, in a communion.”

It is human nature to suggest that the extraterrestrials are interested in the planet’s human and natural resources, and that they are therefore a threat to our independence and security. The Zetas agreed that this possibility exists with a few races, but they also tell us that we are being supported and protected by many other races. They, themselves, are primarily interested in helping us help ourselves so that we can communicate with them more efficiently. As a first step, they want us to overcome what appears to be a natural barrier to communication with the extraterrestrial races.

This natural barrier is differences in states of consciousness. A being is characterized by the state of consciousness that it has achieved. State-of-consciousness is a dimension that is equivalent to the dimension of .  So, a particular state corresponds to an ability to love unconditionally. Some beings have little ability to love, while others are full of love. The state of consciousness or love is like a tuning mechanism in the communication process. Two beings with widely differing states of consciousness cannot communicate easily.

Because the older races have high states of consciousness compared to the human race, we have difficulty communicating with them.  However, the Zetas say that the human collective consciousness is in the process of moving to a higher state of love. In fact, at some point it is expected to be “restructured by a single thought, if not a collective thought of one mind.” A flash of self-awareness in the collective consciousness will begin an accelerated increase in self-awareness and ability to love. The shift in state of consciousness will eventually allow the watching extraterrestrial races to communicate naturally with us. A Zeta said, “It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race.

But this shift in the state of the human collective consciousness is not expected to happen soon. As explained by a Zeta, “The collective mind is in disarray. Much of the anger, many of the violent tendencies, are the collective mind of the race, it is not with love. This undulating mass of thought must be controlled, it is not to be allowed to filter out and touch other races.  Any races who are observing the mass in their mind, in focus area, do so knowing that it is for the benefit of a race. It is not a task easily undertaken to project love towards anger, to control what will not be controlled, to hold in your hand a potential of a race. That is why there is work from within and without. Beings who come to this form can only change while they are in this form. Externally, a race may only be held in focus.

The Zetas are confident that the collective consciousness of the human race will rise to a level that will allow communication with extraterrestrial races. However, it is strongly affected by negative thoughts and emotions, and the extraterrestrial races are doing what they can to change that in two ways. First, while in the form of their own race, they project love toward the human collective consciousness by holding it “in focus”.  Second, a being from an extraterrestrial race is able to incarnate in a human physical body by forming a hybrid consciousness with a spirit from the spirit realm. As much as 30 percent of humanity has such a hybrid consciousness at this time. According to the Zetas, the extraterrestrial races “are to incarnate as human beings and then to project a stabilizing force into the collective mind of the human race.” The extraterrestrial races can work in human form to raise the state of the human collective consciousness.

We may expect profound changes when the shift occurs. The Zetas “believe a future event will cause matter to become non-matter.” This may mean nothing more than that we will acquire the ability to enter a state of separation at will, much like the Zetas do now. They are able to exist in full awareness as a consciousness separated from the physical body. Along with the shift in consciousness will come corresponding changes in human behaviour. These changes will entail a reduction in our aggressive tendencies and increasing love and compassion for each other. The Zetas foresee that the human collective mind will be supported initially by a technology that facilitates telepathic communication. However, they warn that technologically assisted telepathy is not ideal, since whoever controls the technology may also control the communicator. Therefore, they recommend that telepathy assisted by technology be succeeded by enhanced natural telepathic communication.

A self-aware collective consciousness, which includes telepathic communication and other benefits, is a desirable objective for the human race. It will mean more loving relations among humans, interactions with extraterrestrial beings, and the ability of humanity to join the community of civilizations in the cosmos. The Zetas recognize that the older races will also benefit when the human collective consciousness achieves that self-aware state. Humanity’s telepathic abilities, rudimentary as they are, are beginning to interfere with other races. A Zeta described the problem from their perspective, “Let me try to give you imagery. Other races are isolated within spheres. What takes place within those constructs does not permeate into other levels of consciousness. But the humans have their sphere, spherical process is not created yet, so at its infancy. Its consciousness is pervasive. You will need to think on this process.

As the human collective consciousness matures, it will become contained so that it does not intrude uninvited on the consciousness of other races. A Zeta observed, “Once the human race moves to a singular consciousness it will be held in its spherical process which does not bleed into the universe.” So at that higher state of consciousness, the human and extraterrestrial races will all benefit.


Treurniet, W. and Hamden, P. A Primer of the Zeta Race, Copyright Hamden and Treurniet, 2014.


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